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Useful info if planning to come to Study and/or work in Italy?

Can you work and study in Italy? Work and study in Italy. All EU citizens are eligible to work and study in Italy. Work permits are pretty impossible for non-EU citizens to obtain: you must have the firm promise of

How to Get Italian Living Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno)

How do you get Permesso di Soggiorno in Italy? The Permesso di Soggiorno is your foreigner registration card and literally translates to “Permit to Stay”. You have to follow a lengthy process to apply for the card and usually it

How to open bank account & setting up utilities in Italy?

Can foreigners open a bank account in Italy? Non-Italian residents are entitled to open non-resident bank accounts (“conto corrente non residenti“), regardless of their citizenship or visa status. One initial in person visit at the bank is normally required unless

How to buy property in Italy, get an Italian mortgage

Can a foreigner buy property in Italy? Foreigners who do not reside in the country can buy property in Italy if there is an international treaty that permits a material condition of reciprocity between their country of origin and Italy.

How to Inherit an Italian property & How to Start an Italian court dispute

How do I claim an inheritance in Italy? A Answer: You shall complete and file an Italian inheritance claim, aka Italian Estate Return, or declaration of succession (“dichiarazione di successione”), to record the property transfer into your name. What is