Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get Codice Fiscale printed in a plastic card and sent to me?

There is no separate card anymore, only a certificate in A4 paper format that I will send you in .pdf form asap I go to apply for it. Certificato di Attribuzione del Codice Fiscale – EXAMPLE.

Do I need you send me original certificare in paper form?

You don’t need the original, as long as you have the .pdf copy, it will be fine.

How to apply for Italian Health insurance card?

Contact directly ASL (administrative centres for all public healthcare needs). You codice fiscale will be also printed over the insurance card.

Do I need to have and add in the Codice Fiscale application Italian address?

No, you need to add your current residency address and country and auto declare it is the correct address. But dont worry, Agenzie delle Entrate will not send anything there, is just an formality. When you apply for your Codice Fiscale, they will print you the certificate (in a A4 paper) of your official Codice Fiscale: Certificato di Attribuzione del Codice Fiscale – EXAMPLE

The embassy asked for my marriage certificate but your website doesn’t so I wanted to double check. Do you need my marriage certificate?

Yes I can confirm, no certificate needed. I just need your valid passport main page full copy (where I can see your signature also).

I have dual citizenship (USA and UK)…I live in USA. Do you need both passports?

Better you send me the passport where you have residency now so US or UK or some other country because you need to auto declare the address and the reason why you need it when signing the Codice Fiscale application form (and this is ok for Agenzie delle Entrate already) that i will send you after you pay.

Can I officialise the non official Codice Fiscale / Italian Tax Code?

Normally is the same, just one is registered and other not.

Have another question for me?

Contact me via WhatsApp (chat only).

I’d be more than glad to be able to help: Get Codice Fiscale online for 69 €