Email to my customers

Clear indications how to apply for your Codice Fiscale online.

Thank you for your order! Here are 3 simple steps to apply.

Hi, please read & follow these simple instructions very carefully:

1. Print out the application 2nd page & sign as in example.
You can correct/change .pdf directly from your pc before printing. Not possible? Ask me.
Sign as similar as possible as in your Passport / ID in

2. Scan the application in .PDF with free apps
Evernote Scannable for iPhone/iPad,
CamScanner for Android.

3. Send an email to Agenzie delle Entrate with the scanned .PDF CF application,
together with your passport (always in .PDF form as I sent you).
You should receive your .pdf registered Codice Fiscale certificate back normally in a few working days.
Email to send the application:
Full list of email you can try if they don’t respond in a timely manner or
ask you some extra documents you don’t have (usually not needed):

Email format example you can use (feel free to change it):

Codice Fiscale for YOUR NAME

email text:
I would like to apply for my Codice Fiscale and here is the application form & copy of my passport in .pdf.
I need it to ….
Open an Italian bank account
Rent an apartment for more than 30 days
Study and/or work in Italy
Get Italian living permit (permesso di soggiorno)
Register a preliminary contract for a property purchase
Other: write with your own words.

Grazie Mille!

When You receive your certificate, make sure there are no typos!

Codice Fiscale is valid for life.
There will be no stamp on the certificate as it is only a digital .pdf copy.
Example of Codice Fiscale Certificate (you will receive one with no stamp but is till valid).

How to check that your Codice Fiscale is valid?

How to use Codice Fiscale with app (no plastic card anymore):

Why are you not applying for my codice fiscale yourself?
I can do it as a delegate and so we need to add me in the application forms but
from my last experiences, it is faster, when clients apply directly for themselves.

Let me know if you had any problems and how long it take to get a reply & your Codice Fiscale.