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Thank you for your Codice Fiscale order!

Didn’t manage to pay?

If you didn’t manage to pay, you can try to donate via PayPal manually or ask me alternative options how to pay via Whatsapp chat.
There you can insert manually the number, for:

19 € – Link of list of verified emails to send the application form to.
You can also ask me anything & send filled form & I can check if it is correct.
Response varies from 1-5 working days.
I recommend to try them 1 by 1 (and waiting for at least few working days for a response).
If they ask you visa or some other docs you do not have, just try another email.

BUT I CAN HELP YOU ONLY with questions about Codice Fiscale Application.
All questions you might have are already answered in FAQs page.

49 €I can also fill the application form for you & .pdf conversion + file resizing (if needed).

I can chat with you via WhatsApp.
Send me your email and print screen of your payment via Whatsapp chat.
I have no time to do free consulting anymore for all of you.

I can also cancel your order, no problem, just let me know.

How to pay manually?

If you still need one but just didn’t manage to pay, here is the direct link to pay with PayPal.
You just need to add nr 49,00 euros and click “Next”.
I can also send details for bank transfer if your country does not have PayPal
or you don’t have a credit card to add there or don’t want to use PayPal.

What would happen next if you order full service?

I can prepare the application form ASAP (usually in few working days) after you manage to pay and send it to you via email to be printed & signed & scanned and to be sent to Agenzia delle Entrate email directly (it is faster to send the email&apply yourself from experience and not delegate me). I’ll give you clear indications how to do it.
Usually people manage to get their Codice Fiscale .pdf certificate in a few working days after that (but it’s depending on how much work they have, can be that little patience is needed).

Siim Metsla

+39 366 169 1919
(whatsapp chat only – Please do not try to call & I will not answer)