★ Only way you can try to Apply for your Codice Fiscale during COVID-19 as Agenzia delle Entrate offices are closed until further notice (click here) ★

Only way how to get Codice Fiscale – Italian Tax code during COVID-19, for free:

1. Call or e-mail to your country Italian Embassy to check if it is possible.

2. Send them filled Codice Fiscale application form & your valid passport copy.

3. Wait up to 3 weeks to get your Codice Fiscale – Italian Tax code for free.

Need help to fill the forms?

Check out examples: How to get Codice Fiscale yourself for free?

OR I can fill the Codice Fiscale application for you: Get Codice Fiscale online.
You just need to send me your passport copy and pay 19 €.


Hi, all you, my potensial clients 😉

I managed to pass today 12.05.2020 from Agenzie delle Entrate
(and tried to call before also but no answer) but it was closed.

And I just get to know from the telefon nr. printed in the door that all Milano Agenzie delle Entrate (Tax department) offices are still closed until further notice.

I didn’t think it is the case still, and I’m sorry for that. I don’t know how long can you wait but next week some businesses will open so it can happen any moment but I can’t promise anything.

Also the lady from the support phone, didn’t know the date that is not good sign but the same time she confirmed it can happen any moment, just nobody knows when.
I dont know how long you can still wait, but there is also no alternative to do it yourself, by now, at least as a foreign, If I understood it correctly.

1 option is to wait how things play out little longer as there is no good alternative ways to do it anyway, it seems, by now, as foreign directly from Italy, if I understand it correctly.

2nd option: one of my potensial clients from Brazil managed to do it not long time ago with Italian Embassy in his country but it take him another 3 weeks & was free. Didn’t need to go there:

So you could try to call Italian Embassy in your country for confirmation & send all needed docs to them via email.

I hope this info is clear and can help you!
Let’s hope the best.

Siim Metsla
0039 366 169 1919
(Whatsapp chat only)